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A lot has changed in 2020, but one thing is certain: B2C & B2B outreach in the beauty industry is still essentialBeauty Network Link ‘Where The Best Gets Connected’, is a Networking, Public Relation, Virtual Office Company. We help our clients to create content and communicate their stories effectively to gain maximum exposure and generates sales. BNL maintains a highly active website that will increase accessibility, that includes current client information, online appointment booking request, online product sales, beauty Blog, daily and weekly Educational, Health and Wellness Vlogs.

Beauty Network Link focus and urgency is finding and celebrating Hispanic, Black and Brown owned, female owned, unique and small companies that rely on word-of-mouth client traffic. BNL will help clients increase their visibility through many different revenue and media options such as product branding, sponsorships, increasing public recognition.

Beauty Network Link is ready to work for you! Whether you’re a fledgling entrepreneur with big ideas to share, or an old pro looking to enhance your online presence, Beauty Network Link public relations company will help clients increase their visibility through many different revenue and media options such as, product branding, sponsorships, increasing accessibility and recognition on as many respected editorial platforms as possible by promoting clients and making them as successful, honest, important, exciting, or relevant as possible. Helping you to find your soulmate clients.

Are you a one person show? Do you have to take calls or miss a calls while you are with another client? Beauty Network Link also provides VOM 24/7, which is a virtual office manager that can provide you with all of your basic office needs. Daily weekly or monthly office duties such as confirmation calls, targeted employee hires, 24/7 online appointment book and VIP request. Not only do we promote your business, we produce results! We believe that together we can build a community, change and improve the way we do business, making our industry stronger than ever before.

About Ms. Beauty’s Info Blog was launched in 2010! Ms. Beauty’s Info we are not just a blog, we like to consider ourselves your information station, “All Beauty All The Time.” We have all types of great information; we of course keep our content inclusive while our focus is the Black & Brown community within the entire Beauty industry. For instance, learn about other shops in your area, let clients know your promoting a new product, let your clients know your new location, promote a charity or community event. The whole point is to get the information out there. For all types of unique information, health & wellness, current trends, ol’ fashion favorites, beauty industry tips and the latest in celebrity fashions. Beauty Professional, Entrepreneur, newbie, novelist, or influencer you will find helpful, fun, educational and enjoyable information here Ms. Beauty’s Info Blog.

Every item on this page was chosen by an Ms. Beauty’s Info Blog editor. We may or may not earn a commission on some of the items you choose to buy.

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