Beauty N Link

Biz 2 Biz

The art of Beauty N Link is that we are a small, busy and dedicated Networking/Branding/Virtual Office company. Our focus and urgency are on finding unique and small minority owned companies that rely on word-of-mouth client traffic. We can provide beauty industry professionals a platforms to showcase their company, products and services, and so much more. We help our ‘Beauty Partners’ increase their visibility and accessibility through many different revenue and media options such as; VOM with on-line booking, Affiliation/Ambassador program, product branding, networking events and increasing public recognition.

Beauty Network Link is ready to work for you! Become a ‘Beauty Partner’ today! Clients looking for exciting products, yoga class, stylist, barber or nail tech, etc., Can subscribe to our ‘Beauty Partner’ page! They will find our ‘Beauty Partners’ new, unique and exciting services, products, discounts, events, giveaways, fundraisers and much more.

A lot has changed in 2020, many of us are running our businesses a little differently now or even A LOT differently. Redirecting our mind set, skill set and talents because of maybe your short staffed or hopefully your booked & busy. If you are running a “beautification” business, a product company, have a blog or vlog or hold wonderful mind, body or sprit classes and you are looking for the services that we can provide, please click the “Business Services” button below. Our ‘Beauty Partners’ cover a vast variety of beauty, health, wellness, hair, makeup and fashion professionals. We believe that together we can build a community, change and improve the way we do business, making our industry stronger than ever before.

VOM 24/7

Beauty N Link VOM 24/7 is the only place where you can make what I like to call “$leep…zzz money”. On our ‘BeautyPartner’ page you will find detailed company description, a list of services, prices, products, group bookings and make real time online appointment 24/7 with any of our ‘Beauty Partners’. You can also call for a rapid response from an BNL agent and make an appointment through a live agent.

VOM 24/7 can also provide basic professional administrative services such as confirmation of appointments, calendar management or call forward to assist with front desk coverage needs when short staffed.