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Here at Beauty Network Link ‘Where The Best Gets Connected‘, we celebrate black and brown owned, female owned, unique and small companies. Our “Partners” cover a vast variety of beauty, health, wellness, hair, makeup and fashion professionals. Beauty Network Link is a site you are sure to find useful and enjoyable.

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Beauty Network Link is the only place where you can find detailed company description, a list of services, prices and make real time online appointment 24/7 with any of our Beauty ‘Partners’. You can also call for a rapid response from an BNL agent and make an appointment through a live agent.

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Are you into DIY? Looking for ideas or tips? msbeautyinfo.wordpress.com was launched in 2010! At Ms. Beauty’s Info we are not just a blog, we like to consider ourselves your information station bringing you, “All Beauty All The Time”. The whole point is to get the information out there, right? We have all types of great information; we of course keep our content inclusive while our focus is the Black & Brown community within the entire Beauty industry.

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